Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So why do you answer his messages?

No pause to make up a lie,
her voice steady and somewhat dreamy.
I think he is in love.
And that is something one should respect.

Love? Are you sure it is not just lush?
(Should I then say I felt the same
and so spoil the pleasure in her feeling guilty?)
Maybe time to change the tone.
Besides, is that your business after all?
I grab her thing with strain, a wolf's claw.

But I care...

Don't say I care when you don't,
keep it for when you really mean it.

She submits, her eyes fall heavily to the ground.
But I really care about you.

My heart rushes, a derailed train.
As a wheel spinning in the void,
a grin force its way into my dried mouth.
Yes, but maybe that is just not your business.

She tries to say something and stutters,
shutting herself inside a troubled silence.

I collect her words from the quivering lips,
those words I will bring home with me
as my dearest trophy.

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